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I have known Sue Kittow for many years online and so am delighted to welcome her back to the blog to talk about her debut novel The Rescue written as S L Rosewarne.

Thanks so much for inviting me onto your blog, Morton! Life has been really busy before, during and after publication of The Rescue, my debut novel, which now sits alongside my other books which are the Walks in the Footsteps series of literary themed Cornish walks books.

I’ve chosen to talk about pets I’ve owned, as The Rescue is written by my last terrier, Moll, and is a fictitious account of how she helped me when my husband died, and my journey through grief and a variety of second chances, which became third, fourth and fifth chances.…

My first cat arrived when I was 11 and we went to a friend’s goat farm where we met the friendliest tortoiseshell kitten. She’d been orphaned, brought up by a Labrador and loved everyone, including the goats, so she was always getting under everyone’s feet. I fell in love with her, and after a lengthy session of, “Oh please, Mum,” we ended up taking her home. We called her Minnie and despite giving birth to a litter of kittens when she was little more than a kit herself, she proved a great mouser, and a wonderful addition to the family. She lived till she was 19 and was the sweetest natured cat, always keen for a walk in the rain.

My next cat belonged to Sandra, a friend who became a pilot and got a job for 6 months flying in Papua New Guinea. Obviously, she couldn’t take Cyd (named after Cyd Charisse, because she had stunning legs) so I said I’d look after her. 6 months turned into 18 months and by the time Sandra came back, Cyd had decided she was staying with me. We had an uncomfortable conversation about parental rights…

I can’t remember the amount of times we moved house, but Cyd also lived till she was 19 and I was distraught when she had to be put down due to kidney failure.

A while later, a friend found two kittens who needed rehoming at the local vet, and so Buster, a black and white thug, came to live with us. He, too, lived till he was 19 but his path crossed with the arrival of my first dog, Mollie, who came into our lives as a hopeful cure for my husband’s depression. It worked, I’m glad to say, and Moll helped us through his subsequent cancer diagnosis, though she wasn’t able to save him from his later illnesses.

Still, Moll brought a huge amount of joy to our lives, and she kept me going after Pip died. She was a feisty, stubborn, strong minded terrier with great charm, and she had no scruples about using it. 

When she died, I didn’t know what to do with myself. But a week later, a friend met Lainy, a Romanian rescue looking for a home. I was told of her background- that she’d been found on the streets, taken to a kill shelter, and a charity brought her over here. But her problems began with her first home. They didn’t understand her needs, and as a result she grew very frightened and started biting, so she was removed. She found a wonderful home with a very experienced person who was able to calm her fears and train her well. But sadly this lady was diagnosed with terminal cancer, so Lainy was up for adoption once more. She went to a foster home, but chased their cat and was frightened of the husband and teenage sons, so she couldn’t stay there.

And so she came to me. Lainy’s time here has been challenging- if I’d known what she was like, I wouldn’t have taken her on, for I had no experience in rescues. But two years on, I am glad I did. She is incredibly affectionate, very clever and loves learning. Yes, she still has a long way to go, but she is very much a part of my life.

About Sue Kittow

I write contemporary women’s fiction with an underlying theme which can be overcoming grief, second chances, living with anorexia, dealing with a nervous rescue dog – everyday dilemmas that many of us face.

I hope that by sharing my experiences, wrapped up in characters that have grown from my imagination, you may laugh and cry with us, and enjoy reading how they overcome their troubles.

My other books are my series of literary Cornish walks – Walks in the Footsteps of Poldark, Daphne du Maurier, Cornish Writers and Rosamunde Pilcher, also available via my website. 

To find out more use the following links:

Website –

Twitter – @floweringpot

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Instagram – @walks_cornish_author

About The Rescue

When my husband died, I desperately wanted some reassurance that I wouldn’t feel like this forever. That there was life – and love – after loss. The Rescue is that book, but written by Moll, Suki’s best friend, who tells how she helped rebuild their life, and made sure Suki was happy. 

I’m writing the sequel, Lainy’s Tail, now….

When terrier Moll’s owner dies, she is determined to protect his widow, Suki. As Suki navigates grief, dating and men with baggage of their own, Moll tries gently to push her beloved owner to moving on with someone Moll has chosen, with a good sense of humour, a generous heart, and a steady supply of biscuits.

All Sue’s books can be bought from

And Amazon… The Rescue will be available via Amazon as a paperback and for Kindle from 11 January 2023.

I was so sad when Moll died, so this is a lovely way of honouring her memory. I wish you every success with the book. Mx

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