An Extract From The Cruise by Caroline James

It is my pleasure this week to share an extract from the fun novel The Cruise by Caroline James. Published by One More Chapter, this novel has been riding high in the Kindle Top 100 books on Amazon this week. I was fortunate to read an advance copy of the book and will share my review below. Highly recommended for a little escapism and a real treat…

Morton, thank you for inviting me to your popular blog. I am thrilled to share an extract from my new novel, The Cruise, with you and your guests.

My characters are three friends in their sixties. Kath is widowed, Jane unmarried, and Anne is almost-divorced. They join the Diamond Star, a luxury ship for those of a certain age, to set sail on a Christmas cruise, little knowing how their troubled lives are about to change. In this extract, the friends have set off on an island tour of Barbados with local guide, Errol.

Jane, Kath & Anne

Extract from The Cruise

Errol headed east for their next stop. The coast featured rugged stone formations with panoramic views and was a perfect journey for the sightseers, with undulating landscapes and rustic scenery. He parked under overhanging trees beside a secluded cove where a natural pool lay ahead, enclosed by low-lying cliffs. 

They stared out at the calm blue waters.

‘You want to swim?’ Errol asked as they piled out.

‘I’m first in,’ Anne called out and stepped out of her shorts. She untied her blouse and revealed a pink bikini. 

‘I’ve got a swimsuit in here somewhere.’ Kath rooted about in her bag and beamed when she found one. Once aqua blue, the garment was faded and worn, but Kath didn’t care as she reached for a towel.

Jane puffed out her cheeks. She longed to dip in the water, but she hadn’t swum for ages and could hardly swim fully clothed as she hadn’t anything suitable to swim in.

‘Did you bring a spare T-shirt?’ Kath asked, sensing Jane’s discomfort.


‘Well, slip it on,’ Kath encouraged, ‘there’s no one here to watch us change.’ 

Jane looked around the deserted beach. Errol had disappeared into the folds of a hammock slung between two trees, and circles of grey and white smoke drifted above his prone body as the hammock gently swayed.

Shark Bay from The Cruise

‘Oh, sod it,’ Jane said as she stood on the pink and white sand. ‘Why not?’ she exclaimed and, in moments, had flung off her clothing and slipped the T-shirt over her head. 

‘You only live once!’ Anne shouted as she splashed about in the waves, encouraging her friends to join her. ‘Dive in, it’s gorgeous.’

Holding hands, Kath and Jane strode across the beach. They gasped as they waded into the water, but like children, they were splashing about in no time.

‘This is heaven,’ Kath said as she lay on her back and stared at the sky, swishing the smooth sea with her fingers.

‘It’s what holidays are made of.’ Anne laughed.

‘Look at me,’ Jane giggled, and as Kath and Anne watched, she gripped the edge of her T-shirt and pulled it over her head.

‘Bloody hell…’ Kath gasped.

‘Well, I never!’ Anne laughed.

‘Seize the day!’ Jane cried as her bare breasts bounced and her broad buttocks dipped beneath a wave. She emerged triumphant and punched the air. The sun smiled from the heavens, and their sing-song words echoed around the little cove. ‘What happens on the island, stays on the island!’

About Caroline James

Best-selling author of women’s fiction, Caroline James has owned and run businesses encompassing all aspects of the hospitality industry, a subject that often features in her novels. She is based in Lancashire but has a great fondness for travel and escapes whenever she can. A public speaker, which includes talks and lectures on cruise ships, Caroline is a member of the RNA, the SWWJ and the SOA. In her spare time, Caroline likes to swim in a local lake or walk with Fred, her Westie.

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About The Cruise

Three friends set sail on a luxury cruise…

Will they be able to catch a husband on the open seas?

When widowed Kath, unmarried Jane and almost-divorced Anne decide to set off on a Caribbean cruise, they have no idea how their lives are about to change! The friends leave behind heartache and disappointment and, determined to find Anne a new husband, swap Christmas turkeys and BBC reruns for crystal waters, white sandy beaches and smooth golden rum. Throwing caution (and tradition) to the wind, they begin to husband hunt on the luxurious cruise ship. But will Anne get her wish, and will the friends find the comfort and joy they seek aboard the Diamond Star?

With a cast of colourful characters from naturist Bridgette, con-artist gigolo Dicky and Londoner Selwyn, who is letting his old life go as he too embraces the ne – all is revealed in this sparkling new novel by Caroline James.

The Cruise – Publishing as an eBook on 20th April 2023 / Paperback July 6th 2023  

Publisher: One More Chapter for Harper Collins UK

Buying Links:  Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo

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Books link:

Morton’s Review of The Cruise – 5 Star

What a fun read!
I got attached to all of the characters in this book, well maybe not Dickie, but particularly Selwyn and Jane. Each character has their own story to tell and this carried me along through the book. I have not been on a cruise, but would like to at some point in the future.
With amusement, intrigue and sadness too, this book has something for everyone. I love Caroline James’ way of storytelling and the fact she uses older characters.

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