I came on holiday optimistic that I would write reams. In reality I have written very little. Well on paper anyway. My husband took us for a six mile yomp and in between concentrating where I was putting my feet and trying to get enough energy for the next step, I did write two poems. I could only vaguely remember one when we returned to the holiday barn. My excuse for not writing is that I am having a head cleanse. I’m enjoying the slightly spaced out relaxed feeling I have in the Lake District. This was enhanced greatly yesterday evening by half a bottle of red wine. I’m getting ideas a plenty, particularly from reading Cumbria Life, the local monthly magazine. There seems to be a theme in their real person stories. That is that human beings are incredibly adaptable and from adversity or life change they produce new lives with positive purpose. I am just hoping that when I return home the rest and relaxation will result in increased writing productivity.

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels.


  1. Ok, I've just come from Kate Hardy's blog. I have to ask…in what way was your hairdresser 'horrible' to you. And believe me, I've been there, many, many times.

    Milt's Muttie x


  2. He was in a very bad mood and din't listen, was pulling my hair, put my parting the wrong side and covered me in spray which i hate. Oh and insulted Jordies and my husband is one. It was a thoroughly horrid experience. Debated complaining but decided to get out of there and never darken the door again.


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