Inconvenient Places

I can’t believe how my mind works in inspirational ways in the most inconvenient places!

Picture the scene, I’m in the shower. Just as I’m soaping myself or applying conditioner to my hair, my mind floods with ideas for poems, stories or novels. Result? I have a lot of toilet roll tubes in my study. I emerge wet and dripping from the shower and grab anything to write on. Now the clever ones amongst you might say – “Keep a notebook in the bathroom”. The thing is, if I do that then the thoughts seem to dry up (no pun intended!).

Then there is the car. I am happily tootling along country lanes and thoughts start to flood my mind. I have been known to pull over in lay bys and scribble like mad. More often I drive faster, repeating my idea like a mantra and dash into the house to scribble. A writing colleague has a lovely small Dictaphone in her car. However, following my shower experience would the purchase of such a facility make my thoughts fly away?

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels.

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