I’m Normal!

Its official, I’m normal. Well at least my MRI scan says my brain is healthy and quite young for my age! Seriously, it was quite a relief as I had only gone to the doctors with ringing in my ears. They wanted to rule out anything abnormal, hence the scan, but it doesn’t stop your mind working on the possibility that there might be something terribly wrong. Today I am grateful for everything because there wasn’t anything awful found, so treated myself to a nice lunch with friends (Yes, including that Ellie Swoop again). Still have the tinnitus, but I reckon I can LIVE with that.

Funny thing is I can’t stop listening to Fleetwood Mac songs now! I practice self-hypnosis and so put myself in a trance to cope with the claustrophobia of the MRI. I had chosen Fleetwood Mac to be played while I was in the machine, so I reckon I have hypnotised myself into listening to it. Lol.

Whilst I was waiting for my appointment I was reading an interview with Jessica Hart on Nas Dean’s blog here about creating emotional conflict in your stories. There were light bulbs going off all over the place, the article is enormously helpful and I would recommend that you read it. Can’t wait to get back to my WIP now.

Meanwhile I’m back to practising gratitude – even grateful for the full washing basket, so there! What are you especially grateful for today?

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels. http://mortonsgray.com


  1. You must be so relieved. Thank goodness you are ok.
    Well you can relax, it is over now.
    I'm always grateful for what I have, especially my health, but today I'm really quite grateful that someone is mowing the lawn for me. It's given me a little time to go into town and treat myself to some shoes and lunch out. Nothing like being a bit shallow from time to time. x


  2. Especially grateful for BF's young healthy brain, a swift journey to Shrewsbury, my new home by the sea, a yummy chocolate cupcake and for being in the flow of creative life xx


  3. Tinnitus must be hard to live with, but still a whole lot better than some of the things that might have shown up in your scan. We always seem to imagine the worst when we are confronted with these things, don't we.


  4. Elpi – Thank you for your thoughts. these lawns keep on growing don't they?

    Ellie – No wonder I feel younger than I look! Lol looking forward to seeing your new home by the sea.

    Joanne – Amazing how you can't stop your brain working on things. Hubbie's late and you are planning a funeral type stuff. The ringing tells me when I've tired, so there may be advantages if I listen!

    Thank you for your thoughts all and spare a thought for anyone who hasn't had such good news today. Mx


  5. That's great news! You saying that your brain is quite young for your age just adds credence to my oft repeated argument that my brain is still a teenager, it's just my body that got old. Thanks to you I now have medical evidence 🙂


  6. Great news! Hope you took the wonderful advice you gave me recently and wrote down all your feelings throughout. I had a similar health scare recently – and it makes you really appreciate what you've got. Lots Love xxx


  7. Hi Morton,

    Oh my gosh, you had a health scare? Poor you. I hope you are feeling well now. Lots of positive energy toward you!

    Thanks for mentioning Jessica Hart's Creative Writing piece. She's a teacher and her post is fantastic for us strugglers.

    And her latest book ORDINARY GIRL IN A TIARA, HM&B Riva, is also awesome! Well, what do you expect from a Creative Writing Teacher?! 🙂


  8. Sarah – Lol. they gave me a cd of the MRI, so i've been looking inside my brain on my computer. Fascinating stuff, but my eye balls look creepy!

    Teresa – I've got to kick the Fleetwood Mac thing, there wasn't much more modern on the available list! Having said that some of the songs have good memories to go with them.

    Sue – I'll confess on this occasion I didn't, but I shall be writing up some hindsight notes. Glad you escaped your scare too.

    Nas – I tried to put a brave face on things and thankfully the worry timescale wasn't long, but it was rather un-nerving. The Jessica Hart article is improving my manuscript already. Thank you.

    Lacey – Thank you for commenting. Feel like I've got a 'Get out of jail free card'.



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