The Value of an Opinion

I debated about putting my alternative first paragraphs on my blog, but it has proved useful and not as scary as I first thought. There has been a record number of hits on my last post. Pity all of the viewers didn’t comment or follow my blog, but maybe they will if they come back again. I had a couple of comments by email and Facebook as Blogger wasn’t allowing comments on one day.

So what have I learned?

1. I have some very supportive friends and followers out in cyber space.

2. For every person who loves your writing, there will be someone who hates it. You will never please everyone.

3. As you all know writing is a journey and I have learned a little more about the impact of my words. Pleased that the tone of the two pieces and their different nuances were reflected in the comments – maybe I can do this!

4. I have to write the book I want to write. My main problem is that this book started life as a Mills and Boon and has mutated into something different. There may actually be two books to be written from these beginnings. One more complex and the other light and sexy.

Thank you to everyone who commented, watch this space. Has anyone else learned anything from my post and the comments?

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels.


  1. I haven't read them! 🙂 But I will do. Going to open your blog in another tab to read when I've done my writing…and I promise to comment!

    I don't follow blogs, though, simply because I don't know why I'd do it. Do you get an email every time the blog's updated? Maybe I'd better get started doing that.


  2. I agree with everything you've just said. For every one person that likes what you write there will be one that doesn't. We're all individuals – that's how it works. So do it for you. I always listen to what people say and try to be objective about their comments.


  3. Agree with you completely, Morton. The journey we're taking with our writing doesn't just allow us to know the craft better but it opens our minds to knowing what works for us and, ultimately, knowing ourselves better.

    Good luck with your writing! x


  4. Morton, The Wedding Favour started out as a Mills and Boon book, because a friend talked me into entering and I thought what the hell. If I'd been successful, I'd have written it with Mills and Boon in mind.

    Would it have been as good, though? Because would I have been writing my book… I don't know?

    I never really thought it would win, so anyway… I've written The Wedding Favour the way I wanted to write it. It IS romance, but it won't suit Mills and Boon. I am just hoping that somewhere out there, there is a publisher who will like it, (and okay, it will need some further editing once the experts get hold of it), like my voice and will buy into it.

    Good luck! Just write it, the way you want to.


  5. Hi Teresa – As you know Blogger has been playing up over the past few days and I'm sure I had a couple more comments here that have disappeared. I too have come to the conclusion that maybe (at the moment at least) I am not a M&B writer. I enjoy my secondary characters too much and like to scatter clues using them about the eventual outcome. Good luck with 'The Wedding Favour'. Mx


  6. I think the key phrase you use is 'I want to write the book I want to write.' As a fellow writer I completely agree -I really believe the book will come out that wants to be written. Like you I have also started books by trying to write for a market or a style, yet the one I am finally getting published is the one I just wrote from the heart initially for me… it was also very theraputic. Just go for it. x


  7. Flowerpot – I'm just beginning to be less shy about sharing my work. Mx

    Sue – And boy am I writing it at the moment! Just come back from regular Sainsbury's writing with Ellie Swoop and have loads to type up. Mx


  8. Hi Morton!

    I discovered your blog through MYWYN last week and left a comment on your previous post, but the comment disappeared in the Blogger malfunctions. Just wanted to say though that I enjoyed reading your two versions, and give you credit for sharing your work! I'm working up to that after feeling too shy to do it, so it's great to read about what you've learned from the experience.

    Congrats on all the writing you have done so far, and best of luck with the rest of MYWYN! 🙂


  9. Morton – I reckon there's something magic in the air at sainsburys to make you rush back bursting with loads of notes. Sounds like that book is just aching to be born! We are merely the midwives. You go girl! x


  10. Hi Julie – welcome! Blogger was a pain last week and I lost several comments. Thank you for your kind words. Good luck with mywyn yourself – I'll look you up. Mx

    Hi Sue – Lol. Would you believe they are refurbishing Sainsbury's cafe and we ended up in a marquee like structure with noisy air con this week. Not as conducive to writing and you can't see the passers by! You are always welcome to join us on a Tuesday morning. Mx


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