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I haven’t blogged for a couple of weeks. It has been a funny old time and I haven’t felt quite right one way or another. Hopefully on the mend now and bouncing back to my old self.

Happy birthday to Teresa Morgan

Get well wishes to India Grey, who had a nasty accident in London.

Congratulations to Sue Johnson on the publication of Creative Alchemy. This is a little book with an amazing feel and a lovely cover. It is billed as a writing course in a book. It was featured on Pauline Barclay’s blog this week.

I had a great lunch last Friday with Sue Johnson, Sue Watson (Fat Girls and Fairy Cakes), Ellie Swoop (my writing buddie) and Sheila Hames (an up and coming regency writer). We talked non-stop. Ellie and I also had lunch with Sarah Broadhurst. It was interesting talking about books from a reader and reviewer’s point of view. Check out her blog for great book reviews.

At the weekend I went to a woodwork tool exhibition in London. Hubbie and little son wanted to go and I needed to do some research on chainsaw wood carving for a story. The poor guy doing the chainsaw demonstration couldn’t have been further away from the image of my hero. It was a little off putting that he kept completing these huge supposed mushrooms which to me looked more like sculptures of a certain part of the male anatomy! Nevertheless, I got my research information and hopefully can make my hero more realistic now.

I have been reading some great books:
Lots of my friends have been getting publishing deals. If you read this blog please feel free to mention your publications below and congratulations from me.

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels.


  1. Hello Morton, thank you so much for not only mentioning me, but addig a link too. You are very kind! I smiled at your visit to the chainsaw work shop and the mushrooms. Lovely Blog all round. Have a fabby day! x


  2. Hi Morton, so glad you're feeling better! Sending you lots of loving thoughts & energy 🙂

    And also taking shameless advantage of your offer to promote myself. White-Hot Christmas comes out on November 29th, and I've just had the cover confirmed, which I'm so pleased with.

    Anyway, crack on with Rosie & Tanner – I'm desperate to find out what happens next!


  3. Hi Morton, my very first book came out on 7th October. Wallflowers Don't Wilt, from Breathless Press. How excited am I? in this last year things have changed so much. My next is published January 6th- To Please A Lady, both regency menage. I have had a third accepted by them- The Price To Pay- no release date as yet, (Contemporary cougar romance) and there's a couple of surprises I can't mention yet-sorry. Then-Deep breath- Taken Identity, a romantic mystery was accepted by Noble last week. To top all of this Lycaon Press offered me a 4 young adult book deal, The Shalean Moon series, about Shape ShiftersIn Scotland. Phew, who'd have thought it?
    I am VERY HAPPY …..


  4. Morton Gray! I'm extremely shocked. I am sure they looked like mushrooms. Can't possibly think what else they would have looked like.

    Thank you so much for my birthday message. Sorry I completely missed it yesterday, but my PC chose to die on my birthday! Seriously, was not happy!

    I've got House of Silence on my Kindle… can't wait to read it.


  5. Serenity – Good luck with white Hot Christmas. The cover looks great.

    Raven – goodness you have been busy a veritable harvest of your work. Good luck with sales.

    Teresa – Hehe. I think I came away with more material for a comedy sketch than a romantic novel! How awful of your PC to die on your birthday. Enjoy H of S – I did! Mx


  6. Glad to have you back in the land of blogging 🙂

    Jumping shamelessly on the promotion wagon, lol, I have three stories coming soon.

    Scandinavian Scandal is due for release 21st November through Noble Romance.

    Awakening has a release date of 30th December through Breathless Press.

    Lure of the Blood is scheduled for release in December through Evernight Publishing.

    Busy and happy me 😉


  7. I realise now, I've read this blog post (Phew! I always worry I miss one occasionally. Reading blogs needs to be put into the routine). But coming back has reminded me I have Linda Gillard's House of Silence on my Kindle.


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