Friendly Blogger Award and Historical Author Talk

My blog has been awarded a friendly blog award by Catherine Miller. Thank you Catherine.


In keeping with the award I must tell you seven things about me and recommend fifteen other blogs. So here goes:-

1) I met my husband on the internet! Married nine years next January.

2) Once starred as the Artful Dodger in the school play.

3) My first car was a Mini City nicknamed “Beep Beep”.

4) I have a Black Country accent and am proud of it.

5) I love watching Grand Prix. Favourite drivers are Jensen Button, Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber.

6) My favourite bird is a goldfinch.

7) Suffer from “Stationary Acquisition Disorder” – pens and notebooks.

I recommend and pass the award onto the following fifteen blogs. It was difficult to choose, but these are some of my favourite reads. Please check them out, all are worth following.

I went to a superb talk/writers’ panel at Kidderminster Library on Monday evening – Elizabeth Chadwick (Lady of the English, To Defy a King), Jane Sanderson (Netherwood) and Barbara Ewing (The Fraud, The Circus of Ghosts). Some useful tips emerged:-

1. Write to entertain.
2. If you write historicals try to include a real minor character.
3. Again for historicals, ask yourself – “Is it possible?” “Is it likely?”
4. Don’t feel you have to include all of your research. “As you know Bob” moments make books boring.
5. Try writing in ten minute bursts with thinking time between.

I came back full of writing ideas so I’d better get back to it. what has inspired you lately?

About Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels.
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8 Responses to Friendly Blogger Award and Historical Author Talk

  1. Congratulations on the award. Love the thought that you are a collector of pens and paper, perfect for a writer! Oh yes and thank you for the writing tips, fab!


  2. Well done on your award – and I met my beloved on the internet too 🙂


  3. Jenny says:

    Congrats! As for recent inspiration, the news. Local stories are loco.


  4. Pauline – just back from town with a lovely purple notebook and 4 pens!!!

    Sarah – Guess it is the modern way to meet your man. I knew more about him before we met than I would someone I had met in a bar, but Mom still viewed him as a potential axe murderer for a while! Lol.

    Jenny – yes there are stories everywhere if you have your antenna on alert! Mx


  5. Ah, thanks for the mention, Morton. And well done on your award. I'm off to check out your last post recommending books read 😀


  6. Thanks Morton! You have a great blog, and I'm honoured to be one of your recommended 🙂


  7. Sue Johnson says:

    Congratulations on your award!

    I've got SAD (Stationery Acquisition Disorder) too. Maybe we could form a support group?


  8. Flowerpot says:

    Thanks for that Morton and well done on your award which is richly deserved!


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