Day 21 of my ‘Poem a Day’ challenge and yes I have 21 poems written, plus a few extras that didn’t quite get finished. I am not normally one to praise myself, but feel pretty pleased with myself over this. I just need to find some way of challenging myself to finish my novels. I have five in various stages of writing and editing. Now if I could only finish them….

April has included little son’s Easter school holiday. I shall be sad to see him return to school on Tuesday, but glad to regain my writing and housework routines. Hubbie is abroad at the moment (Saudi Arabia), so we went away earlier in the week to Wales with Ellie Swoop. Good fun was had by all. I’ve included a couple of photos below.

I’m typing now to try and keep warm as the boiler has decided not to work. Why do things like this always happen when hubbie is away? I remember once Dad went away and Mom’s hot water bottle burst in the middle of the night! Lol.

I have plenty poetic subjects to go at for the rest of the month, but if you would like to give me a theme to work on, please do so in a comment.

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels.


  1. Hi Morton,

    Wales with Ellie Swoop and your littlest looks lovely. My eldest is being returned to uni as I type, and my youngest is fretting about exams. I'm looking forward to getting some writing discipline into my life this week … maybe.

    Good luck getting the boiler fixed. Fingers crossed the weather might actually warm up soon!


    PS I can't think of a poetic subject at the moment. But from the photos it looks like you've got lots to inspire you!


  2. Hi Catherine – boiler fixed, gas solenoid replaced! House warm again and I'm just off for a hot shower. Amazing how much you miss it when it isn't there and take it for granted when it is! Holiday was lovely but seems like a distant dream now. I've had a poetry spurt today and written several poems. Hope the uni return and exams go well! Mx


  3. Thanks Sally. I wish I could be as disciplined about the novels – but I will be. Determined to take this feeling when I write my daily poem over to the other writing I do. Have thoroughly enjoyed my poem a day month. Thanks to my co-writers for support. Mx


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