Poetic Diarrhoea

Thirty poems written! My poem a day in April challenge is complete. Admittedly, some of the poems are a little rough round the edges, but some I am really pleased with. Now I need to polish a few and send them off to competitions, etc.

The challenge taught me a lot about my writing and the habits I need to cultivate. I am definitely happier if I write regularly. The poems have sort of anchored my writing and I have written lots of other things too. The key seems to be this internal quiet trigger which says that I am going to write today. It is difficult to describe, but it is working.

I had fun on World Book Night with 24 copies of Pride and Prejudice to give away. Two were given without leaving home – son’s girlfriend and next door neighbour.

We were meeting friends that day at Witley Court in Worcestershire. I loaded my rucksack with waterproofs and copies of P&P. I’d given away three on the car park before our friends arrived. We had lunch at the church café and a lady who worked there was giving away A Tale of Two Cities.

Morton Gray above – Ellie Swoop below

In the afternoon, Ellie Swoop and I did readings from P&P (competing with the refrigerator) in the local cafe. The next morning I took my remaining eight copies to Sainsbury’s and walked away with an empty bag – apart from the shopping of course. It was amazing how suspicious people are of you giving them something for free. I managed to give away 24 books in less than 24 hours. Result!

Congratulations to all those achieving writing success at the moment. I’m rooting for Teresa Morgan, who has had a request from two publishers for her full manuscript. Doris O’Connor and Serenity Woods seem to be selling books like crazy – go girls. A special mention goes to Sue Johnson, my writing tutor, who has just announced her third publishing success. Best wishes to one of my favourite authors Linda Gillard who is in hospital at the moment.

So, if you weren’t suspicious of being given something for free, what one thing would make a difference to your life that doesn’t cost a fortune? Feel free to mention any publishing success below or your experience of World book Night..

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels. http://mortonsgray.com


  1. Well done and World Book Night sounds amazing – we didnthave anythin g down here I don't think. And so sorry to hear about Linda – I am a great fan of hers, too.


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