Union Jack

Haven’t blogged for a while as I’ve been deep into my edits, to the extent I now have eye strain! I can visualise the end, but a little while to go yet.

Meanwhile patriotic fever has overtaken the country. We have a “Last Night of the Proms” event at school this afternoon and the children had to go in red, white and blue. I shall be wearing my union jack scarf.

We went to see the torch relay in Bewdley last week and I was surprised to feel a great big rush of emotion as the torch went past me. The children were asked to interview people around them for a school magazine article, so we soon made friends with strangers around us. I have never seen the town so busy – people were eight deep on the pavements.

Big son has fledged! He moved out last weekend to a flat nearby with his girlfriend. I asked my nine year old how he felt about it. ‘Sad and happy,’ he replied. ‘Sad because he won’t be here to play football and PlayStation, but happy because I can have his bedroom.’ Cue another distraction from writing – decorating said bedroom.

Not sure what we are doing next Tuesday yet. Hubbie will be abroad, which is sad, but hopefully we will have a family gathering. What are you up to for the Jubilee?

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels. http://mortonsgray.com


  1. Not sure what I'll be doing Jubilee yet… I know up the road are having a street party which I am invited to. Kids are going off on their hols with their dad (and don't know I'm not going yet – eek – but will be joining them, with my mum and sister, the following week.

    With everything going on at the moment, trying to get the house up to scratch so we can put it on the market, my writing is failing. And I need to get it editted and polished to send of to the NWS too!

    Which one are you sending to NWS?

    Have a good weekend! Ha! And I like Little Son's logic 😀 Big son will still visit and play playstation/football 😀


  2. Hope you have a good Jubilee, although I guess it will be strange without your children. Don't beat yourself up about the writing, you have a lot on your plate. I don't really have an excuse, but am still struggling to get Rosie and Tanner ready for NWS. Meanwhile I can procrastinate choosing paint colours! Big hug. Mx


  3. I liked the footage of the Olympic flame inside a lantern going up Snowdon on the little train!

    I wish you a fun Jubilee weekend. Hope the sun comes out again …


  4. Husband is making noises about stripping out the kitchen over the long weekend (ready for new one to go in while I'm at Caerleon Writing Week) I think we should strip it out closer to the time…

    Its going to be one of 'those' weekends I think (will ring oldest son and hint about him doing a bbq!)

    Have a good one 🙂


  5. Catherine – I think the Olympic torch relay has been fantastic. The lad who carried it past us had lost a hand and foot to meningitis. I'm hoping all this national feeling will bring the communitites together again.

    Christine – Our house smells of essence of Dulux! If hubbie is up for DIY don't knock it – he might not feel like it nearer the time! Enjoy BBQ, although looking outside it might be a bit soggy. Mx


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