Spiritual Revival

My spirits are in need of revival! Weeks of editing, friends with health and parent problems, the hamster wheel of life and hubbie being away intensively have combined to make me feel flat. I’m usually bubbly and full of life, so it doesn’t feel good – I need a holiday.

I took time out last week to take some photographs of my garden in the rain, some of you might have seen them on Facebook, and it struck me I am not making enough time ‘to smell the roses.’

So a challenge to you all. Please give below suggestions for raising my spirits and/or, if you are a writer or self-employed, how you achieve that work/life balance. Who knows the suggestions might cheer us all up.

P.S. Three quarters of the way through the edits and I can see a light at the end of the tunnel!

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels. http://mortonsgray.com


  1. I find editing does this to me in general. I don't know what it is about it – maybe having to go back over work?

    I find that meeting up with friends for a coffee (ones without problems!) helps to give me a perspective on life. Or work on something else as well as edits.

    I also find a 'do nothing' day ie work related helps. Read a book, soak in the bath – whatever you like to do, but make it time for you – not work, not other people.

    Hope you feel more perky soon 🙂



  2. I'm also doing edits, and find that a combination of that, being solitary, and other issues, cause this lowering of spirits. Last weekend I decided to take my daughter out for the day…with the excuse that we needed to do Father's day shopping. We shopped a little, had a few treats for ourselves (I got summer party shoes!), got early dinner and went to see Men in Black 3 at the cinema. That felt like a treat. And the film was quite brilliant too. We both needed it as she just finished exams at school.


  3. I'm not sure I can boost you too much, as I know how this feels. I think editing can do it to you too. Writing is just great, you're getting all those thoughts in your brain down onto paper (or the screen). Then editing comes along and it's easier to put it off and deal with the real life stuff, which can't distract you while you write.

    And if you're like me there is pressure on this editing, as we're trying to send it off to the RNA NWS… and August 31st keeps getting closer!

    Make sure you do get out, meet a friend for coffee or for a meal, glass of wine… Get out of the house occasionally. We need experiences to write about, so we have to just get out more.

    Hope you perk up soon! You do have the RNA conference to look forward to!


  4. I feel better now that I know edits dip the mood of all of you! Hubbie came back last night (for two days) and immediately I felt better. Maybe I was love sick!! Thankyou for the comments. Things seem to be improving – I just need to finish this book and then have a break. Mx


  5. My husband was away for five months working on a cruise ship last year so I know only too well the impact that can have! Also edits, aaaargh. Is there anything more tedious (apart from writing a synopsis that is) My solutions are twofold – a)find a friend and go walking in the country, you get to exercise while you chat, so much more fun than the gym b) go to your local coffee shop and write there. The buzz of other people around you can help to lift you out of the gloom.


  6. Lovely pics Morton nad I think this weather gets us all down. I spend a huge amount of time editing these days so get used to it, and of course you feel down when your husband's away. Hope things continue to improve x


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