Conference News

I attended the 2012 RNA conference at Penrith on the weekend of 13-15 July. It was a full, exciting and exhilarating weekend which has taken a full fortnight to recover from (and I hardly drank anything). I have been in a strange contemplative mood, have hardly used social media and haven’t blogged.

It is time to share what I did and learned at the conference. I shall be doing this as a series of blog posts. As a taster, my weekend included the following:-
  • Meeting lots of fantastic writers, both published and unpublished.
  • Individual chats with two publishers.
  • A Gala dinner and a kitchen party gate-crash.
  • Conference sessions:-
    • Talli Roland – On-line marketing.
    • Nell Dixon – Self-editing.
    • Melanie Hilton – RNA New Writers’ Scheme.
    • MIRA Women’s’ Fiction.
    • Jane Wenham-Jones – What a way to earn a living.
    • Annie Ashurst – Towards Zero – Backstory.
    • Sonia Duggan – Motivation for Writers.
    • Pia Fenton – Dead good ideas – using your family tree for inspiration.
    • Cathy Wade – Packing that punch.
Come back soon for more detail on the above. If you were there please say hello and if you weren’t and are particularly interested in any of the above, let me know.

About Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels.
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2 Responses to Conference News

  1. Flowerpot says:

    The RNA conferences are always a good get together and full of fascinating people as well as content. Glad you enjoyed it!


  2. Hi Flowerpot – I enjoyed it very much, but was not prepared for how long it took me to recover from brain overload. It won't stop me going back next year! Mx


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