RNA Conference 2012 – Talli Roland

The lovely Talli Roland, who always seems to have a smile, was talking about social networking. The crux of her talk was that she believes that your blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc., should be viewed as a way of building relationships with people who may buy or recommend your books, rather than as a direct sales method.

I’m sure we’ve all befriended someone on these forums and immediately been bombarded with sales patter. I found Talli’s approach helpful, as it shows that as an unpublished writer there is still something I can be working on, and have fun with, which will, hopefully, lead to sales when I am eventually published. Goodness that sounded positive!

Check out a full report on Talli’s RNA talk here and her blog here.

As I mentioned on my previous blog, I went through a very strange phase after the conference, but I now have my writing mojo back. Actually I seem to be writing two novels at once in two different notebooks. Help! Has this happened to you? Can it work?

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels. http://mortonsgray.com


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