Where Has The Summer Gone?

So what have I been up to?

Writing-wise, there was the wonderful RNA conference (I still have more sessions to share here), the return of my critiqued RNA New Writers’ Scheme manuscript and lots of fun writing. My critiqued novel made me think about my direction as a writer and I am now on a track that feels more like me. I shall be concentrating on time slip novels, so that I can indulge my love of history. I appear to have been writing three novels at once during the summer, with the odd poem thrown in!

Quilting-wise, I have branched out into bags and have started quilting my big quilt.

Family history-wise, I have researched several families for friends over the summer and begun writing up some of the lines I have already researched on my own tree.

It’s back to school on Wednesday – that is if I manage to sew on all my son’s name tapes in time. He’s starting a new school and that has meant even more sewing.

I have seen the change in little son this summer. At nine he is growing more independent, no longer my baby. We have done lots of fun things together and I have relished the time with him. We have painted pottery, visited RAF Cosford air museum (twice), made clay dinosaurs at Hartlebury Castle, taken daddy on holiday to County Durham for two weeks (he badly needed the break), eaten numerous pancakes at our favourite café. We spent a lot of time at the swimming pool, as D was training for a distance swim – he achieved 4 kilometres or 160 lengths in a two and three quarter hour continuous swim. One very proud Mom!


It has been a happy time. Pictures above – top Tunstall Reservoir, Wolsingham, middle taken on walk from Low Force to High Force, Middleton in Teesdale, bottom High Force Waterfall.

Lovely to hear that Donna Douglas featured on my last blog is doing so well with her book, The Nightingale Girls.

What has been the highlight of your summer?

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels. http://mortonsgray.com


  1. I am asking the same question. At the beginning of the holidays, I was worrying, and would tell myself to relax, I still had weeks to fill, I'd get all the planned little things I wanted to do with the boys done.

    And now, I can't believe they go to school tomorrow. And my credit card will sigh with relief. (A little bugbear, I've had no 'help' in entertaining the kids from a certain person.)

    Ben will be 8 this year… rapidly approaching. It's quite scary.

    Glad you found where you're happiest writing.


  2. Hi Teresa – Yes, my purse is rather light after the holidays – too many cafe visits! I have done most of the little boy entertaining as well, as hubbie is working all the time. I've just finished sewing all the name tapes and checking I have all the games kit. It's my birthday tomorrow, so we have a nice day to finish the holidays on – lunch at the favourite cafe. Lol. Back to routine on Wednesday – writing here I come…… Mx


  3. Hi Christine – I'm always crafting in some way. Just been casting on some stitches as I find knitting very relaxing.

    At the moment I would say yes to staying with NWS – although I didn't agree with all of the report, parts made me think a lot and hopefully this will result in better writing. Mx


  4. Several – the launch of my book Discover Cornwall, two wonderful days on the water, several wonderful swims and a fabulous stay at The Old Cider House near Exmoor. I've been lucky even if the weather's been lousy!


  5. Flowerpot – Sounds like a good summer to me. Mx

    For anyone interested here is a link to Flowerpot's book – Discover Cornwall by Sue Kittow can be found on Amazon (the comments box wouldn't let me insert a link.)


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