Sad Times

Sorry I’ve been quiet lately. Family events took over. My dear step-father went into hospital in October for a cancer operation. After three hospital stays and traumatic times at home, he finally died in hospital on 8 December. I was with him up until an hour before he died.
The funeral was yesterday. It was lovely. He would have loved meeting all of the people there. Along with his daughter, I stood and talked about my memories of him. He had been part of my life for twenty-two years. I’m still not quite sure how I did it, as I was very emotional.
Somehow in the middle of all this I managed to complete my NaNoWriMo challenge, writing 50,000 words in November. 
(The River Severn close to Mom and Step-dad’s home – a view he would have seen daily)
Now it is time to turn my thoughts to Christmas and making sure that my mother is okay. It must be hard losing two husbands, but at least she had great men as her partners.
Sorry if this is a sad post, I’ll come back soon with some of my favourite books in 2012. I hope everyone is having a great run up to Christmas.

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels.


  1. Sad is ok. It is part of life and better to deal with it than keep it inside. You're already looking on the positive side and taking care of your mother! Have a really Happy Christmas! See you in the New Year. xx


  2. So sorry to hear your sad news, Morton. Christmas can be a good time for reflection as well as celebration, so I hope you and your lovely mum have plenty of opportunity to think back on happy times over the festive season, and take comfort from that. As Dr Zeus said, 'Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.' MUCH easier said than done, but a nice idea.
    Take care. xx


  3. Marilyn – thank you. I've relaxed today and started to feel Christmassy. Mx

    India – thank you too. Yes we have decided to celebrate the fact my step-fatehr was here for 87 years. One friend at the funeral had known him for 70 of those! Mx


  4. My mum lost two husbands, too (the first was my father). Sometimes you wonder why one person gets all the bad luck. She's soldiered on though and is now seeing a lovely gentleman – they are both coming to stay for Christmas.


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