My Top Twelve Books from 2012

I haven’t read as many books this year, but I think that may have something to do with the fact that I have been writing and editing more. Or is the fact I’ve been tired and only managed a few pages before going to sleep?

I record comments about the books I read and then I rate them on two scales – writing technique and plot. The scores out of five for each of these are combined to give an overall total.

As the final days of 2012 roll over and the book I am reading at the moment will be rated in 2013, I thought that I would share with you the twelve books I have read which scored 8 or over.

A Lifetime Burning – Linda Gillard
Rowley Regis: A History – Edward Chatham
Renovation, Renovation, Renovation – Nell Dixon
Kissing Mr Wrong – Sarah Duncan
The Ballroom Class – Lucy Dillon
Please Don’t Stop the Music – Jane Lovering
Peaches For Monsieur Le Cure – Joanne Harris (10 points)
The Silent Touch of Shadows – Christina Courtenay
Written in the Stars – Serenity Woods
Time’s Echo – Pamela Hartshorne
Thursdays in the Park – Hilary Boyd (10 points)
River of Destiny – Barbara Erskine (10 points)

Thought I’d also share The Kissing Patch. It was in one of the arcades in Birmingham. the patch was on the floor and hanging above was a piece of mistletoe. The poem around the edge is lovely. Let’s hope someone got a special kiss.


Happy New Year to everyone. Let’s hope 2012 is a good one.

Please share your favourite book of 2012 below.

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels.


  1. Thank you very much! Really pleased you enjoyed The Silent Touch of Shadows and I'm honoured to be in such great company – some of your other choices were fab books! xx


  2. Hi Morton, and thank you so much for adding Written in the Stars to your list! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Best of luck for 2013 with your writing – I hope to be buying my first Morton Gray this year!!

    Serenity x


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