Going with the Flow

You know those mornings when you are rushing to get out and have every minute planned? I got the car out of the garage today and came in to find a little boy in tears at the bottom of the stairs. ‘My head hurts.’
You go through the usual scenarios. Is there something he doesn’t want to do at school? Has he a temperature? Today it was 101! Administer Calpol, get him back to bed, put car away and replan day.
I’m much better these days at going with the flow. In my younger days I would get very het up, these days I ask the question – ‘what am I meant to be doing today instead?’
So far I’ve succeeded in the displacement activities of cleaning football boots and dusting downstairs. Little one (now up and feeling better!) has just taken my collection of crystals out of their bowl so that I can clean it. I’ve installed my laptop in the lounge, little one on the settee with a blanket, so will I be writing? What do you think?

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels. http://mortonsgray.com

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