Those of you who follow my blog will know that my step-father died recently. I can’t believe that it is only two months this week since he passed on – in a lot of ways it feels longer.

My own father died from complications due to his multiple sclerosis at 58. Multiple sclerosis is the link between my family and that of my step-father. My dad had it and so did my step-dad’s late wife. Indeed in a plot twist most writers wouldn’t think up, the romance between my mum and step-father blossomed after a meeting to discuss how my late father’s wheelchair could be used by another MS sufferer.

My step-father worked for the local MS branch, including being president, for many years. It is fitting that the collection at his funeral raised £2518.57 for the MS branch! There were 120 ‘with sympathy’ cards. What a fitting tribute for such a lovely man.

Have you a real life plot twist in your family that no writer could have imagined?

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels.


  1. That is a sad one Flowerpot. My Mom was 56 when my Dad died. We now have the difficult task of celebrating her 80th birthday and what would have been the 20th anniversary of her second marriage at the end of February. Hugs. Mx


  2. How lovely for your stepfather to be remebered it such a thoughtful way by so many people. I hope your mum can take some comfort from it.
    A member of my writing group has MS. I think she's only in her 40s. She manages to walk with sticks but her eyesight is deteriorating. It's such a cruel disease.


  3. Hi Sally – apologies for the delay in replying I've had flu and a brain like cotton wool!

    MS is horrid. My dad struggled valiantly against it and tried many experimental treatments. The only thing to make any difference was oil supplements. My step-father's wife was worse than dad – she could only move three fingers by the time she died. The local support groups work valiantly to improve the quality of life of sufferers. I wouldn't wish the disease on anyone.

    Mom enjoyed taking the generous donation to the local group.

    Thank you for commenting. Mx


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