Don’t Laugh – Button Productivity

I love writing. I hate editing.

In an attempt to increase my editing productivity, I am trying a new system – the button productivity method.

My estimate for a first pass at editing my RNA New Writers’ Scheme novel is one hundred hours work. I have painstakingly counted out two hundred buttons into a jar. The idea is that I will put one button into a jar labelled completed for every half hour of editing I do.

I’m not sure if this will work yet, but at least I should be doing more editing than I am now. It is all too easy to write fresh material or to engage in displacement activities instead of getting on with the edits. The NWS manuscript needs to be sent off for critique before the end of August, but that will be here very quickly. Wish me luck. If nothing else I get to look at my lovely button collection.

What methods do you employ to keep your nose at the grind stone?

About Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels.
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7 Responses to Don’t Laugh – Button Productivity

  1. About me says:

    What a great little idea – may I borrow?



  2. I am just like you. Love writing, hate editing. I do wonder if it's because we lack confidence in our editing, and that's why we hate it. Or at least I think that's my excuse.

    I think I will be editing last years novel to return to the RNA this year, as I don't think I'm going to get another written. Just got to get started on it, and with the house move etc, writing really has taken a back seat. You'll need to spur me on, Morton!


  3. Bernadette – please use it and let me know if it works for you.

    Teresa – you nag me and I'll nag you! Are you going to the conference? I've booked. Mx


  4. I have no system to make sure I'm productive. I think I probably should because I'm so good at finding things to do that aren't writing-related. That picture reminds me of a tin of buttons my mum used to have – I played with it all the time… simple times!


  5. Annalisa – It reminds me of my Mom's button tin too – I wonder what happened to it? My displacement activities know no bounds, so I'm hoping the buttons keep me on track. Mx


  6. Flowerpot says:

    I think that's a brilliant idea Morton! I find that a deadline has the desired effect – always terrifies the hell out of me!


  7. Flowerpot – I only have self imposed deadlines at the moment and they don't seem to have the same effect! Mx


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