My Workspace

I thought I’d show you a picture of my chaotic workspace today. This is where I sit for hours pondering manuscripts.

The button editing is going well. If you look closely you can see my two jars – one for half hours completed and one for half hours to be completed. No prizes for guessing which is which – but I am getting there!

As you can see my wall is plastered with author postcards, my family trees, Nanowrimo completed certificates and a picture I painted at a goddess painting workshop.

There is a tottering pile of notebooks behind my laptop. Many of them are full of writing yet to be transcribed.

You may also notice my Writers’ Forum Achievement Chart on the desk. This is a new insert in Writers’ Forum to help you plan your writing month and I have to say it is helping.

If you look closely, you may see a Choclit ribbon, my badge from the last RNA conference and a duster I keep meaning to use.

What is your workspace like?

About Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels.
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7 Responses to My Workspace

  1. A neat place of work…compared to mine!


  2. Gwen Tolios says:

    My goal for this month is to order a desk so I can finally set up a writing space here. I need to move from sitting on my bed all the time.


  3. Marilyn and Gwen – I am aware I am fortunate to have my own space in which to work. Hubbie has his study upstairs. It was interesting to view my room in a photograph. It gave me a new perspective. Mx


  4. Flowerpot says:

    Mine is a desk in the bedroom which has the printer on it, various books of research for the book I'm writing, keyboard, tape recorder for transcribing interviews, old boot full of pens, phone, memory sticks, a stone saying Creativity and a mini poinsettia! Oh and pens and pencils and lots of notes!


  5. Flowerpot – Sounds a good set up for creativity! I have two stones too – self belief and self worth! Mx


  6. Mel Stratten says:

    Hi Morton

    Have just discovered your blog via twitter and shall follow you with interest. Nice workspace – it looks “lived in”. Like you, I'm lucky enough to have a separate room which I have recently tidied up but still have a vast mountain of notebooks to sort out – one day I guess, one day!



  7. Hi Mel,

    Glad you found me. Sorry I'm not posting as much as usual – Mom broke her hip and it is keeping me busy. I have loads of notebooks too – see if you can spot the pile of 'to be typed up' behind the laptop!

    Thank you for contacting me. Mx


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