Time Moves On

The Easter holidays came and went. My editing stalled, but my new writing output increased.

We had a fantastic few days in Wales with Ellie Swoop (hubbie was working). It was cold, but sunny. For the rest of the holiday I spent a fair amount of time transporting my now 10 year old to see various friends. Actually I’m quite proud of him, as he only joined his school in September and already has some good friends. The bonus is that these friends have lovely Mums.

My Mom continues her bereavement process (step dad died at the beginning of December) and I am having to resist checking up on her all of the time. She needs to rebuild her life, but it is hard at the moment as she is so lonely. Has anyone any tips for dealing with this situation?

Someone told me years ago that if you are having difficulty with something you should ask for an angel to help. I remembered this yesterday when the manuscript I am editing for the RNA New Writers Scheme wasn’t coming together. In my head I asked for an angel to help with the book and would you believe it a plot fix leapt immediately into my head. (I shall try this again!)

With spring arriving at last and blossom on my fruit trees, I wish you a happy writing spring.

By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels. http://mortonsgray.com


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