In Case you Missed Them …

Over the past year, I’ve done quite a few great interviews with my fellow Choc Lit authors. Below is a summary of these just in case you missed them. Just click the dates to read the posts.

Lynda Stacey 25 July 2016

Kirsty Ferry 29 August 2016 & 20 February 2017

Angela Britnell 19 September 2016

Rhoda Baxter 3 October 2016

Jan Brigden 17 October 2016

Berni Stevens 31 October 2016

Liz Harris 14 November 2016

Alison May 5 December 2016

Christina Courtenay 12 December 2016

Victoria Cornwall 2 January 2017

Linda Mitchelmore 16 January 2017

Isabella Connor 30 January 2017

Evonne Wareham 13 February 2017

Clare Chase 13 March 2017

Jane Lovering 3 April 2017

Sheryl Browne 17 April 2017

Margaret James 1 May 2017

Kathryn Freeman 15 May 2017

Just goes to show what great talent is published by Choc Lit. I’ll have more author interviews coming up soon.

Any requests for Choc Lit authors you’d like to see featured here?








By Morton S. Gray

Author of romantic suspense novels.

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