The Adventures of Morton S. Gray

I’ve been busy having lots of lovely guests visiting my blog, so I haven’t done a personal update for quite a while.

I’m still enjoying adventures, particularly in the crafting world. My most recent course was a taster day in weaving! I absolutely loved it and at least it gives me something to ask for as a Christmas present from hubbie – a table-top weaving loom.

The pictures are of the sample piece that I completed on my taster day using different yarns and techniques. I can’t wait to get my own loom and experiment.

*Warning to relatives – you are more than likely to get a hand-woven scarf for your present at Christmas 2020! *

Other adventures included an immersion in the English Civil War last week! I had already booked on a “behind the scenes at the archives tour” at The Hive in Worcester to see some of the original civil war documents they hold. The tour was fascinating and the temperature controlled strong rooms were as I imagine a nuclear bunker to be like.

Coincidentally, I became aware of two talks on exactly the same week, one in Ludlow about sieges in Shropshire during the civil war and one in Cradley, entitled “Cradley and its vicinity in the English Civil War (1642-1660)”, so how could I resist? Both talks and the tour were fascinating and I made copious notes. In case you hadn’t gathered I am fascinated by this period of history and already have a 52,000 word draft novel set at the time which I may finish at some point.

For those of you who have kindly read my books, you will realise that I haven’t published anything for a while. I assure you I am working away in the background on another two Borteen novels, but a period of ill health and problems with my mother’s health too have delayed things somewhat. I’m hoping to send my next book, draft title Mandy’s Story to my publisher soon.

Meanwhile my second novel, The Truth Lies Buried is on sale at just 99p as part of the Black Friday events until midnight on 3 December, so grab it if you haven’t read it. 

Back next week with Tora Williams and Nell Dixon the week after that!


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By Morton S. Gray

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