Where I Write by Anni Rose

This week my guest is Anni Rose who writes for Choc Lit. Her latest novel in her Recipe for Life series is Recipe for Mr Super. Anni is going to tell readers about where she writes. Over to Anni …

Hi Morton, thank you for inviting me on your blog today to talk about where I write. 

Usually I write in my study, it’s perfect, my extremely talented sister made all the furniture for it, so everything is the perfect height for me. It’s my safe place. It’s where I test out all my ideas. I have a very comfy rocking stool, which I love, made by said sister. Lucky really, because writing sessions can often be lengthy. However, they are always accompanied by my two writing buddies and Rocky gets the chair. He’s definitely the boss in our relationship!  Not that I mind because they have to listen, without complaint, to endless read-throughs. 

My desk is big enough that I can spread out and often I do, particularly when I’m in-post-it notes mode— I blame Julie Cohen—to get to grips with an idea. And I can get up and shut the door and know everything will be just where I left it. I also have endless piles of notebooks filled with bits I thought at the time “would come in useful”. I save everything but rarely use more than about a half of what I collect. I do try to start a new notebook with each book, otherwise it can be frustrating when you need to refer something quickly. These days I also find the camera and notes app on my phone useful, particularly if I’m out and about.

I was going to say if I ever, but it’s more when, I get stuck with an idea then I might take my two writing buddies for a walk or if I need to write a particular scene then I will try and go somewhere where there’ll be a similar atmosphere, so I can get a feel for what my characters might be experiencing. 

I love background noise when I’m writing, but not the radio or something I need to concentrate on, so I am quite often playing music. I have a built in CD rack next to my desk and although I tend to listen to music on my phone or laptop these days, I have a definite favourite shelf within easy reach on the days when I need them. Everything from Elgar’s Violin Concerto to Bruce Springsteen, Gretchen Peters and … Boyzone.

I have two of my favourite pictures on the walls in my office. I try not to believe it’s because no one wanted them hanging on any other wall in the house. One is my first creation ever, and between you and me, it’s probably an all-time best. Art was never something that came naturally to me, which probably explains why my parents felt the need to frame this one at the time.

The other thing I should mention which is an essential part of my desk and writing process is my mug of tea. English Breakfast, nothing else. Yorkshire preferably, a dash of milk, two sweetex and I am happiest when it comes in an endless supply.

Thank you for having me on your blog today, Morton, it was great fun talking to you. 

Thank you, Anni. I also need tea to hand when I’m writing, but these days I tend to favour white tea. My doggie writing companion is much smaller than yours and very white. Good luck with the new book. Mx

About Anni Rose

Born and raised in Berkshire, Anni emigrated to Wiltshire six years ago, where she lives with her husband, sister, two dogs, a cat and Midge, the grey speckled hen.

As a child, she could usually be found either reading or writing fiction, producing reams of stories over the years.

On leaving school, the need to earn a living sort of got in the way and her writing was limited to financial reports or employees’ handbooks, but a local writing course and an encouraging group of writing friends re-ignited the fiction flame many years later and Anni went on to have several short stories published in various magazines.

Anni would describe her writing these days as mainly modern romantic stories with a healthy dollop of humour thrown in. Away from writing Anni can usually be found behind a camera, walking the dogs, enjoying one of her husband’s curries or one of her sister’s bakery treats.

You can catch up with Anni on her website: www.anniroseauthor.co.uk

Twitter – @AnniRoseAuthor

 Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/anniroseauthor

About Recipe for Mr Super

Recipe for Mr Super is Anni Rose’s third book in her Recipe for Life series published by Choc Lit Publishing Limited. Recipe for Mr Super: A heart-warming, fun romantic comedy. Perfect for summer reading! 

Where’s a hero when you need him?

In Autumn Rigden’s case, enjoying semi-celebrity status on the other side of the world. Although Nick Flynn is no superman – talented horse rider and Super Sportstar of the Year he might be, but he has a habit of leaving Autumn in the lurch when she needs him most.

Anyway, Autumn is too busy with her new career to care about Nick. Okay, so she’s had to give up her OIympic dressage dream, her childhood home and beloved Shetland pony – and all to the benefit of Gordon, Nick’s money-grabbing father. But Autumn’s new ambition is to become an heir hunter extraordinaire, and with a promising commission and only a few weirdos demanding she prove they’re related to royalty, she’s all set.

But when Mr Super returns, will Autumn find that forgetting about horses and the Flynns is harder than she could have ever imagined?

Book buying links:

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3HnqF4d

Apple: https://books.apple.com/gb/book/recipe-for-mr-super/id6442886544

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/gb/en/ebook/recipe-for-mr-super

Google: https://bit.ly/3zAhsnf

Nook: https://bit.ly/3ObydsS

Website: https://www.choc-lit.com/dd-product/recipe-for-mr-super/

Goodreads: https://bit.ly/3HqpPDG

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  1. I love that stool, Anni, but not sure my back would! As a horse lover, and former owner, I’m intrigued by the sound of your story – onto my wish list it goes! Oh, and by the way, I really like your artwork! I’d give it house room 🙂

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