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It’s always lovely to feature a good friend on my blog. Lynn Forth has just published her fourth novel, Secrets of the Chateau and she is going to tell us about where she writes. Over to Lynn …

Thank you, Morton for inviting me on your blog today.

I am very lucky to have ‘a room with a view’ to write in.

My upstairs study has a wonderful open view over fields, hills, a local bluebell wood and a small lake. Because we are on a hill, there is a vast expanse of sky which is constantly changing. And clouds …I love clouds and recently discovered the word for cloud lover which is nephophile. Daydreaming out of the window, I often see shapes and animals and cities in the sky when I should be writing.

But it is in these daydreams that I also see the locations for my books. Unlike my view, they are always sunny and always abroad somewhere.

Places are important and I like to take all my heroines out of their comfort zones and plonk them somewhere foreign where they have to rely on themselves and in the process begin a journey of self-discovery.

My Yorkshire heroine, Jane in Love in La La Land ended up in Hollywood and found her principles compromised by the seedy goings on. I enjoyed evoking the flashy shallow trappings of the film world.

Then I was inspired to write Love, Lies and Café au Lait by my own personal experience of delight when I visited Nice for the first time. I loved the French Riviera, so I was able to really identify with my Accrington Annie when she arrived in that super-sophisticated city and tried to fit in.

I used very local settings at the beginning of my third novel, The Girl Who Used To Be Me. My heroine Kate is located in Birmingham and visits the surrounding countryside with her new boyfriend including the Clent Hills …which I can see from my study window. Eventually she escapes a difficult relationship by going to the Costa del Sol. There she meets Reen, with a garden full of pink plastic flamingos …a bit like me now. Flamingos seemed to have taken over my life.

Once again, the Costa del Sol is an area I know well after frequent visits to my parents when they lived there. I was able to visualise the locations for when Kate lives there and empathise with her feelings of joy at the bright colours and the warmth of the sun, captured, I think, by the cover of the book.

And in my latest novel, Secrets of the Chateau, I returned to my favourite city of Nice. I wrote it in lockdown and was able to visualise the shining arc of the Bay of Angels and smell the lavender scented hills.

So, all my books have transported me to these wonderful sunny places …and all from my little, very untidy, desk

About Secrets of the Chateau

A château in France, with fairy-tale turrets. What’s not to like?

Sophie Stewart loves her job. Working for Alex Conroy who owns an exclusive hotel chain is a dream – as is the man himself!

So why does she panic at the thought of visiting Alex’s proposed new hotel, a dilapidated chateau with fairy-tale towers, in the glamorous south of France?

Must she reveal her past to uncover the secrets of the château?

But Alex has secrets too.

Buying link for Secrets of the Château https://mybook.to/9vH26E

About Lynn Forth

Lynn Forth went to live in Accrington when she was 11 and still has the accent to prove it.

An abiding fascination with books and people led her to study English and Psychology at University. After a rewarding but all-consuming career as a College Lecturer, she escaped to fulfil her lifelong ambition to write novels, using many of her accumulated insights into what makes people tick.

She now writes uplifting romantic comedies full of sparky dialogue and strong characters.

She is fond of setting her heroines adrift in new sunny, locations where they have to rely on their own resources. The novels always have a strong sense of place and some serious themes are tackled with the lightest of touches. Amidst the banter and fun, her characters discover their true selves…and love.

An avid reader, she runs two book clubs and, as a bit of a movie buff, she enjoys the discussions at a local Film Club. Although not a big exercise fan, she enthusiastically participates in the fun and music at her Zumba sessions and at home encourages a riotous array of flowers in her garden.

Lynn lives in Worcestershire, England with her family and writes in a room with a view of big skies, wooded hills and a distant lake.

To keep in touch with Lynn you can use the following links:


Twitter: @lynnforth

Instagram: @lynnforthauthor

Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/lynnforthauthor

Lynn’s books are available as both eBooks and paperbacks from Amazon on the following links:

Love in La La land myBook.to/LoveinLaLaLand1

Love Lies and Café au Lait : mybook.to/LoveLiesandCafeauLait

The Girl Who Used To Be Me : mybook.to/TheGirlWhoUsedToBeMe

Secrets of the Château : https://mybook.to/9vH26E

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  1. A lovely post and so many great books. Lynn reminded me there is a cloud appreciation society I remember my friend telling me about some years ago. x

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  2. Such a lovely spot to write in – I do love a view. I can also see the Clent Hills from my office window, but from the opposite side to Lynn! And, as I’m up in the attic, I see a lot of the sky and clouds 🙂 Lynn’s garden looks lovely, doesn’t it, and the flamingos seem very much at home there. They’re a great reminder of the fun and sunshine in her wonderful books.

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