An Extract From Waiting For Our Rainbow by Victoria Cornwall

It is always lovely to feature friends on my blog and this week it is the turn of Victoria Cornwall. We talk online almost every day and have done for years, so I can’t wait to read her new book, Waiting For Our Rainbow. Today Victoria is going to share an extract from the book which is released on 31 January 2023 by Choc Lit Publishing.

I am delighted to return to Morton’s blog and share an extract of my latest release Waiting For Our Rainbow. It’s been almost three years since my last release, but I have not been idle. I spent some of that time researching and writing about WW2, which I find both fascinating and humbling. Waiting For Our Rainbow is set in Cornwall and tells the story of Anne and Joe, an American soldier who has been sent to England to train for the largest amphibious military assault in history, more commonly known as D Day. Inspired by recalled memories, newsreels, photographs and advice from historians, their romance has to navigate cultural differences, fears, prejudice and war at a time when society is learning that they are stronger working together than holding on to what drives them apart. I do hope you enjoy the extract below, where Joe, an American soldier, is resting on his makeshift bed remembering his arrival in Cornwall and the moment he first saw Anne.

Extract from Waiting For Our Rainbow

Joe rested the back of his head in the crook of his arm and stared at the ceiling above his head. The roof joist creaked in the rising wind, giving the impression it had a life of its own as if it was a resting animal waiting to take flight on a stronger current. For now, it was biding its time, thought Joe, just like all the soldiers who’d made the town hall their home.

His battalion had been stationed in the southwest of England for two weeks now, each company efficiently billeted to a variety of scattered buildings located in the villages and towns throughout Cornwall. Vacant village and town halls, hotels and church halls, their previous use didn’t really matter – if it had the capacity, they were accepted and quickly transformed into temporary homes.

They’d arrived in crowded trucks to a surreal international welcoming party of free doughnuts, hot drinks and jelly sandwiches. He’d jumped down from the truck and followed the crowd, which appeared to be gathering around two focal points. As he’d waited for his fellow soldiers to take turns in collecting their refreshments, his gaze had wandered over the organised chaos of overdressed, travel-weary men, corralled into a small square of a quaint English town. Eventually it had been his turn and he’d found himself reaching for a chipped mug while staring at the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

Primal lust had been the last thing he expected to experience as he waited to taste the bitter tannin of lukewarm English tea. Up to that moment he’d thought the idea of falling head over heels in love with someone at first sight was ridiculously corny, but love and lust weren’t too far apart and he’d felt something akin to the latter if not the former. Suddenly it didn’t seem quite so crazy after all. He’d always believed that one would need something more before that allusive emotion of love raised its head. Yet, after seeing her, he knew it could be possible to feel something without even a single word exchanged. It wasn’t love, of course. He wasn’t even sure if he was capable of feeling any type of love, having not experienced much since his mother’s early death.

The woman had been preoccupied, attending to another soldier, when he’d taken his mug of tea and jelly sandwich from her. He didn’t mind; it gave him the opportunity to watch her face at close quarters. She reminded him of Ingrid Bergman, with her honey-brown hair, soft curls and arched eyebrows. Her lips were full and curved in a shy smile, while her sweeping lashes framed soft, blue eyes. For those few short moments, he was oblivious to everyone else around him.

He had retreated away from the crowd to eat his sandwich and sup his tea. He continued to watch her, hoping she would eventually see him. She didn’t. He realised that unless he spoke to her, he would remain just one of many, as her pretty smile, rather than the food she was serving, drew a horde of men around her. Her friend called out to her by name. Anne. The name suited her. Very British. Very feminine. Very classy. On any other day he would have asked her out on a date, but it was hardly the right time. She also didn’t look the type of woman that would flirt with a stranger and he kind of liked that too. He would need to speak to her first and gain her trust. Now, during a short, crowded refreshment stop, before being transported to their new home, wasn’t the right time to do it.

Eventually Frank had nudged him out of his thoughts to tell him it was time to leave. They’d climbed back into the truck and Joe had ensured he sat near the tailgate so he could still see her. He hoped she would look over in his direction and, finally, as if she’d heard him silently calling her, she’d lifted her gaze and their eyes met. It felt like he’d just hit a home run. The moment had been fleeting. The truck was already on the move and soon he’d be out of there. What could he do? They were too far apart to speak and from the enquiring look on her face she’d caught him staring. All he could do was say goodbye and hope that should they meet again, she would remember him favourably. So he had casually saluted as a soldier was drilled to do.

Now, looking back on it, he could kick himself for being so corny…

About Victoria Cornwall

Victoria Cornwall is a traditionally published author of seven historical novels, one poem and several short stories. She was twice nominated for the RONE BEST INDIE OR SMALL PUBLISHED BOOK AWARD by InD’tale magazine. She also reached the finals for the NEW TALENT AWARD at the Festival of Romantic Fiction and the RNA’s JOAN HESSAYON AWARD. In 2021 she was a finalist in the R.N.A.’s 2021 GOLDSBORO BOOKS HISTORICAL ROMANTIC NOVEL AWARD.

Victoria grew up on a farm in Cornwall and still lives in the county today. She is married, with two grown up children and three adorable grandchildren. She likes to read and write historical romance with a strong background story, but at its heart is the unmistakable emotion, even pain, of loving someone.

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About Waiting For Our Rainbow

Waiting for our Rainbow is a WW2 romance set in Cornwall. It is released initially as an eBook on 31st January, 2023 and will be available on all digital platforms. It will be available in print and audio format by the following month. For updates regarding future releases, please subscribe to Victoria’s newsletter (see above) so she can let you know.

Would you give your heart away if you knew it could only end in goodbye?

It should have been a time of romance and excitement for Anne – but it’s 1941 and the war is raging. So instead, she spends her days repairing spitfire wings and reminding herself that the real sacrifice is going on far away from her Cornish village.

When the news breaks that America has entered the war, it brings cautious hope to Anne and her family. And eventually, as the Jeeps filled with GIs roll in, it seems their little community is to play a pivotal role in the next stage of the fight.

But the Americans don’t just bring Hollywood glamour and optimism, they also bring something more tantalising – so when Anne meets handsome Joe Mallory, she has to remind herself of exactly why he’s there; that any relationship between them could only end in goodbye.

But is the inevitability of ‘goodbye’ powerful enough to stop what has already begun to blossom?

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Wishing you every success with Waiting For Our Rainbow, Victoria 💝

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