I came on holiday optimistic that I would write reams. In reality I have written very little. Well on paper anyway. My husband took us for a six mile yomp and in between concentrating where I was putting my feet and trying to get enough energy for the next step, I did write two poems.… Continue reading Holiday

Writing Quotations

I felt the need to blog some quotations from April’s Writing Magazine. These really resonated with me. Alison Chisholm – “The beauty of interpreting poetry is that it does not matter if the vision conjured in the reader’s mind is different from the one released by the poet’s pen.” Russell T. Davies in his book… Continue reading Writing Quotations

Crafty Thoughts

I’d forgotten how much my soul needs to be creative. Feeling energised and inspired this morning and not just about the polymer beads I learned to make yesterday. Somehow the experience of being out of my usual routine, meeting new people and learning a new skill has rewired my brain which previously was becoming dull… Continue reading Crafty Thoughts


Springtime.Gained parental praisewith academic accolades. Summertime.Explored careers,love and spiritual crusades. Autumn time.Skills harvest, butprocrastination invades. Is wintertimea barren place,legacy of blank charades?

Back to School

The Christmas decorations are down and suddenly the house looks bigger and cleaner. I miss their sparkle, but I’m enjoying the space created by their absence. In fact, it reminds me of a book on my son’s bookshelf “A Squash and a Squeeze”. It’s the one where the old lady complains her house is too… Continue reading Back to School

Poetry Pressure

I find myself not envying the Poet Laureate. My current course of study is poetry and I need six poems by the end of the week. The instructions said to “make these your masterpieces” and to “show off your skills”. Result of instructions? No rhyme or rhythm. The words are refusing to line up or… Continue reading Poetry Pressure

Where did it go?

If I blinked, I think I would have missed Christmas this year. All the planning, buying, cooking and shopping and then it seemed gone in an instant. I can’t help thinking we should be trying to do it differently, the meaning has got lost along the way. Add to this the powder keg of sticking… Continue reading Where did it go?

Let it Snow!

Woke up to a smattering of snow this morning but it barely covers the ground. In my normal, busy existance I can think of nothing worse than the restrictions of snow – I hate slipping (Being out of control in general). Can’t help wishing it had snowed more heavily this time though, but maybe that… Continue reading Let it Snow!